Ear & Nose Piercing

Ear and nose piercing is a cultural norm in Asian culture. We provide ear and nose piercing service to all ages- even infants. Get your next piercing with an experienced and trusted professional in a clean and hygienic environment. Whether it be your nose or ears, we have a wide variety of studs and nose rings to choose from,

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Jewelry Repair & Cleaning

Over time through wear and tear, jewelry may need cleaning and repairs done to it. We repair all kinds of gold and silver jewelry whether it be hooks, latches, adjustments, or broken pieces- we do it all. Minor repairs can be done on same day.

We also do jewelry cleaning. If your gold or silver jewelry has lost some luster or shine, bring it in and we can bring it back to its shining sparkling state.
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Not sure how much your valuable jewelry is worth? Think the value may have gone up? Do you have an heirloom piece you want to know the value of?

We provide onsite jewelry appraisals and will tell you how much your jewelry is worth. A certificate can be provided upon request indicating assessment and value of the jewelry.

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Trading & Selling Old Gold

We also buy gold from you! Do you have any gold jewelry that you no longer want or are looking to get it traded in for something more trendy and current? We will buy back your jewelery at the market cost so you can get what you are looking for. We buy at the best market rate and will give you a reasonable price for your sale.
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Gold Loan

If you ever find yourself in financial need and own gold jewelry, we can offer a gold loan in exchange of your jewelry. We offer short-term financing for gold loans at very reasonable rates.

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